Global Smart Lock Market Background

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With the continuous improvement of people's economic level and the continuous development of science and technology, home intelligence has gradually penetrated into each household. More and more people are learning about the role of smart homes for people, especially smart locks. People(especially the elderly) often "leave the door and forget to bring the key." Sometimes the occupants with high floors are not easy to enter from other places and can only change locks, bringing certain property losses to users.

2.1 Market Status of Smart Lock Industry
Intelligent lock is a lock that is different from traditional mechanical lock, and is more intelligent and simple in terms of user security, identification, and management. It is also the execution part of the lock lock in the access control system.
Smart locks have the following characteristics:
1, after the safety installation of fingerprint locks, it shall not affect the function of the anti-theft door. There is no obvious security risk to the lock.
2, stability is the most important indicator of fingerprint lock, generally takes more than one year of actual use before it will slowly stabilize, stereotyped. Consumers in the purchase of the best choice of the main production of fingerprint locks manufacturers. Such enterprises generally have better production experience. Research and development experience is the best stabilizing factor.
3, generality should be applicable to most of the anti-theft doors(in line with the 2008 edition of anti-theft door national standards), with a small amount of modification. Good fingerprint lock installation time should not be more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it is generally difficult for users to complete their own installation and maintenance. Universal design is good, but also can effectively reduce dealer inventory.
4, smart to increase, delete and other operations, should be very simple, users do not need to remember too much password and code. High performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with video display system, user operation is relatively convenient.
In recent years, the convenience of global smart locks has brought people Xuduofangbian, and the usage has also been increasing year by year. According to data from the global lock industry information, the global smart lock industry reached 17.6 million units in 2018. Among them, 1.5 million were in Japan, 2.1 million in South Korea, 3.8 million in Europe and the United States, 7.7 million in China, and 2.5 million in other markets. With 76 % more sales than in 2017, the global market for smart locks is expected to reach 51 million by 2020, growing at an average annual rate of about 40 %.
In the Chinese market, sales of smart locks exceeded 7 million units in 2018 and will exceed 32 million units by 2020, which will occupy more than half of the global smart lock market. In terms of growth, the Chinese market is growing at an average annual rate of more than 50 %, that is to say, China has already surpassed Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions in terms of growth rate.
At present, the main sales areas of smart locks in the world are concentrated in South Korea, Japan and China. From the perspective of market penetration rate, Japan and South Korea, especially South Korea is close to saturation, followed by Europe and the United States, the market still has some room for development. The country's low penetration rate is the fastest growing market in the world.

At present, the penetration rate of smart locks in Europe and the United States is 15 %, and the annual sales are about 2.5 million units; The Japanese penetration rate is about 40 %, and the annual sales are about 1.5 million units; South Korea has the highest penetration rate, reaching about 80 %, and annual sales of about 1.7 million units.
Although the penetration rate has not reached 5 %, it has entered a stage of rapid development since 2018. Therefore, according to the 1.4 billion population, the average household is 4 people, and China has 1.4 billion / 4 = 350 million families. If every home had a fingerprint lock, China's smart lock market would have a capacity of 350 million. This means that every percentage point increase in penetration in China will bring about nearly 10 billion yuan in market size.
Therefore, in the next 5-10 years, China will become the main battlefield of the global smart lock industry, and it will certainly become the leader of global smart lock market innovation. ,

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